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Support Scale-Up and Sustainability of CGI in Florida

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FCR-STEM’s mission is to improve STEM-related teaching and learning in Florida. We want to make Florida the best place in the world for students to learn mathematics. We have provided evidence-based, CGI professional learning opportunities for Florida teachers every year for the past 8 years (and counting).

More than 1556 individual teachers, 363 schools, and 20 school districts have been involved in these projects so far. We have provided 3,098 teacher-years of CGI PD over 8 years. This work continues; almost 700 Florida teachers will participate in the CGI program in summer 2021 and during the 2021–2022 school year.

We have conducted four randomized controlled trials of CGI to investigate the effect of CGI on students, teachers, and schools. In short, these research efforts have focused on whether the program works, for whom it works, and the conditions under which it works. They also inform the design and implementation of the CGI program. These research efforts have also resulted in the development and validation of numerous assessment instruments to measure teacher knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and instructional practice as well as student thinking, competence, anxiety, and attitudes in mathematics.

For 8 continuous years, this work has been funded by grants from federal and state agencies. We are setting a new and ambitious goal to create a fund that will support long-term scale-up and sustainability of the CGI program in Florida. A major benefit of this fund will be to reduce our dependence on external grants to keep the CGI initiatives going in Florida.

We appreciate your support as we transition these initiatives into a locally funded, sustainable resource for teachers and students across the state of Florida. We have partnered with the Florida State University Foundation to receive donations for the ongoing support of this program. Your donations are currently matched (up to $5,000) thanks to the generous support of the Phoenix Fund for Professional Development. 

To donate and learn more, visit give.fsu.edu/foundationsforsuccess or click the button below.

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