Teaching Is Problem Solving

The following six video segments introduce fundamental ideas young children learn about counting and numbers. Each video is about four minutes long, and each concept is specifically referenced in the Kindergarten mathematics curriculum standards currently adopted in most of the United States. Accompanied by videos of students showcasing their understanding of these principles, Rob Schoen and Zak Champagne briefly discuss these concepts in the following videos.

Video 1: Introduction to the Five Counting Principles

4:08 / 226MB / View on YouTube

Video 2: Standard Order

4:08 / 125MB / View on YouTube

Video 3: One to One Correspondence

3:37 / 115MB / View on YouTube

Video 4: Cardinality

4:16 / 138MB / View on YouTube

Video 5: Conservation of Cardinality

6:08 / 214MB / View on YouTube

Video 6: The Successor

6:09 / 153MB / View on YouTube