Teaching Is Problem Solving

This page contains links to videos of educators sharing stories about their own experiences with CGI. You are invited to view some or all of them.

The first stories to be released were collected in Orlando, FL at the 2022 Biennial National CGI Conference.

Candice Coolin: "I feel like we give kids too many parameters, which limits what they can do."

6:42 / View on YouTube

Laura Steele: "I believe it saved my teaching career."

6:45 / View on YouTube

Wykeisha Gonzalez: "CGI is doing math in a way that makes sense to you."

7:31 / View on YouTube

Tara Minton: "The best part is, my kids love it."

3:18 / View on YouTube

Ramona Reitz: "It spills over."

11:36 / View on YouTube

Tara Sanders: "CGI changed my life."

6:30 / View on YouTube

Lynne Stratton: "We are not at liberty to close those doors for kids."

3:40 / View on YouTube

Danielle Moore: "I can figure this out."

6:53 / View on YouTube

Chris Sadler: "You have to play the game to know how to play the game."

7:22 / View on YouTube

Erin Dozier: "I believe sustained PD works."

6:40 / View on YouTube

Dayeashia Viel: "You already got the seeds, you just gotta make the flower grow."

9:07 / View on YouTube

Laura Steele: "Everybody enters at their own level."

5:13 / View on YouTube

The stories can also be found on the Teaching Is Problem Solving channel on YouTube. More stories will appear periodically. Subscribe to the Teaching Is Problem Solving channel on YouTube to learn about new stories as they arrive.

There are so many more CGI stories to collect and share. You probably have many of your own. Please contact Rob Schoen at rschoen@fsu.edu if you are willing to share your own CGI story through our channel and webpage. We will be honored to share your story.