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October 17–19, 2019 • Jacksonville, Florida


Progression of Multiplication

Presenters:  Candice Coolin, Lynda Cihanowic, School District of Okaloosa County

Contact Information: Candice.Coolin@okaloosaschools.com; CihanowicL@okaloosaschools.com

Session Description: In this session, three teachers who have been practicing CGI will describe how they are helping children to understand multiplication in second and third grade. We will describe how we build on prior knowledge and show students that they have been multiplying since kindergarten as a way to increase buy-in for multiplication.

High-Yield Routines in the CGI Classroom: How to Talk Less and Listen More

Presenter: M. Haley Kirby, School District of Okaloosa County

Contact Information: KirbyM@Okaloosaschools.com

Session Description: Participants will learn how to build a repertoire of high-yield math routines that will fit in the CGI classroom. Implementation of these routines can help provide a basis for deeper math conversations among students and provide natural differentiation. Learn these routines and then take a step back and watch your classroom run itself!

Bag of Tricks for Inclusion Teachers and Math Coaches to Promote CGI Techniques

Presenter: Laura Gorham, Sumter County School District

Contact Information: Laura.Gorham@sumter.k12.fl.us

Session Description: This session will provide a bag of tricks for teachers bringing research-based CGI strategies with them on the go! This quick hour will include a brief overview of CGI and include ideas for packing on-the-go activities and tracking student progress, including multiple students on short timelines.

Inside the Mind of a Child… The CGI Approach to Math

Presenter: Roshanna Beard, Leon County Schools

Contact Information: Roshanna.Beard@gmail.com

Session Description: This will be a session that focuses on the benefits and outcomes of using CGI. There will be a special focus on using it in a Title I school looking to make learning gains with limited time and resources. Participants will have opportunities to ask questions and talk first hand with a teacher who has had experiences related to this topic.

Teacher Moves

Presenters: Phyllis Guarno, Kylie Spinella, Lee County School District

Contact Information: phyllisJG@leeschools.net; kylieas@leeschools.net

Session Description: The move to student-centered math instruction is a powerful one but represents a shift for teachers in planning, delivery of instruction, and assessing student understanding.  This session will focus on what teacher moves you can take to increase student discourse through the implementation of CGI strategies as well as how math coaches can support this shift.